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Q. What is the cost of replacing my central air unit?

A. That will depend a lot on your choice of unit, size of your home and level of comfort.  We can help by giving you all the information so you can make an informed decision.  However, we'd need to do a free onsite survey to get you an exact price.

Q. How often should I change my filter?

A. There are many factors to consider.  Do you have a pet in the home?  The quality of filter that you use when replacing.  How old is the unit?  Do you live in an area that has a more dust?  But, you can 'learn' your unit.  Start by checking the unit monthly.  However, some newer units and high quality filters can do a great job up to 6 months.  Your unit manufacturer will have recommendations that you should follow. 

Q.  Do I need to have my air ducts cleaned and how often should this be done?

A.  And, it's a lot of the same answer as filters.  It is going to depend on location and environment around your home.  Do you have pets?  And, what is that age of the house/air ducts?  Typically, you should plan having them cleaned every 3 to 7 years.

Q. With an older unit, is there a way to improve the efficiency without replacing the unit?

A. Maintenance performed regularly is your best chance of efficiency and long life for your unit.  

Q. How do I know whether to repair a system or replace it?  

A. To determine whether to repair or replace you need to consider the age of the unit, was it properly maintained, and the cost of repair.  If you have a unit that's 10 to 12 years old and the cost is more than $400, you certainly might want to consider replacement.




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